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High Deductible Health Plan - Insurance That Makes Sense

Welcome to HighDeductibleHealthPlan.org!

This site is dedicated to helping you find the right health insurance plan, perhaps a high deductible health plan, as well as any possible add-ons to a high deductible health plan.

You will find here access to best health insurance companies offering high deductible health plans, and links to multiple agents and online health insurance brokers that will make your high deductible health plan comparison shopping easy.

You will have multiple choices as for how to go about finding out whether any particular high deductible health plan is right for you, or perhaps not!

High deductible health plan myths debunked

Along the way, several myths about high deductible health plans will be scrutinized and debunked. If you choose your high deductible medical insurance plan carefully, you stand to save a lot of money each month on your health care costs. But often times, as you are sold this plan, you will be offered other ways to part with the money you have just saved. By checking out the information on this site, you will be well prepared not to fall for such money-draining offers, and you will be able to pick only what is right for you. In particular, check out the information on dental and vision plans, as well as HSA (health savings account) information.

What is in this site for you?

The information on high deductible health plans and add-ons that you will find in this site is divided in seven sections. They include sections on defining what is health insurance with high deductible means, what types of high deductible plans and add-on plans you can choose from, what types of health plans are recommended depending on what stage of life you find yourself in, a section on HSA plans, and sections of insurance comparisons, final insurance costs, and how to go about buying high deductible health plan, with the emphasis on buying online or over the phone.

What are high deductible health plans so popular and what is so great about them?

What is health insurance deductible? Or, is your health insurance deductible? To remove the confusion stemming from the two possible interpretations of the word deductible, go here to find the main advantages of high deductible plans: high deductible health insurance plans.

Types of high deductible health plans (HDHP) and matching supplemental plans

For an overview of main types of today's health plans, how HDHP plans fit into the picture, and what additional plans, such as vision or dental plans you can profitably add to them, go here: best health plans for less.

Good reasons for individuals, students, small businesses to look into HDHPs

In this section we look into a variety of situations, and people who would greatly benefit from switching to a high deductible health plan, such as students, self employed, even families, and the associated financial considerations, mainly high deductible health insurance cost. Go here for more information: good health insurance.

What is a health savings account, HSA, and does it make sense for you?

While many high deductible health plans will offer HSA as an add-on, we suggest to look into this section to double check that HSA health plan really makes sense for you. What you find here about high deductible health insurance with HSA rules might surprise you. Just follow this link: HSA health plan.

Ready to look into individual plans?

Finally, if you are already decided that you want to look into details of individual high deductible medical insurance policy plans, and purchasing a plan of your choice, go here to find information on high deductible health insurance premiums and providers:

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